Raphaël, the expert in professional brushes

Pinceaux Nuskin

Extract from the Official “Nuskin” Website


Apply makeup like a pro

Designed with meticulous care, this high-end makeup brush set perfects your look with ease.  Containing six essential brushes into one sleek silver case, this comprehensive makeup set is a must-have for a flawless application.

The professional set contains a powder brush, foundation brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush and eyebrow brush. Suitable for all your powders and liquids, the soft duo fibre synthetic bristles deliver just the right amount of product for a smooth blending and seamless natural finish.

At Nu Skin, we believe that you need to treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Only the best brushes can bring a superb makeup result. Therefore, Nu Skin is collaborating with Raphaël, the expert in professional brushes.  Since 1793, this Parisian originated manufacturer is leading the way in innovation and development of fine brushes, putting their unique expertise into each brush they create.