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Experience and craftsmanship

Each brush is controlled individually by our experienced brush makers.

Raphaël’s quality commitments

Each brush is unique: entirely hand-made, more than 30 people are involved in its production. The Raphaël quality is the commitment of a brush perfectly matching the application of cosmetic textures with a high level of performance.

Tradition and know-how, « Made In France »

Since 1793, thanks to its historical experience as a manufacturer, RAPHAËL is able to offer « Made in France » brushes that benefit from a craftsmanship and a technical know-how passed on by generations of brush makers which have built the history of the family company.

A strict quality control

Raphaël has implemented a strict upstream quality control through a demanding supply chain with well-known suppliers. This guarantees a very high level of quality on key components (hair, fiber, ferrules, handles).

Each make-up brush undergoes a strict quality control on a number of key criteria like: loss of hair, disgorging, springiness, tuft aspect, general aspect and marking of the handle.

This enables us to guarantee a high level of quality combined with a perfect working performance thanks to the true craftsmanship of our experienced brush makers.