RAPHAËL MAKEUP BRUSHES awarded at Makeup In Paris trade show

The HD Brush, Raphaël Makeup Brushes’ latest patented innovation, has been selected as an “IT PRODUCT” by the Makeup In Paris 2020 committee.
For this new edition of the Innovation Tree at MakeUp in Paris, Raphaël Makeup Brushes’ latest innovation, the HD Brush, has been selected in the “IT PRODUCT ACCESSORIES” category by a committee of experts among 85 references presented.

The committee of experts, including Dany Sanz, founder of Make Up For Ever, was impressed by Raphaël’s “HD BRUSH, the Ultra High Definition Makeup Brush!” innovations, which are unique in the cosmetic world.

Make-up artists sometimes find it difficult to achieve a perfect complexion using just one tool. Indeed, it is difficult to apply makeup in certain areas of the face such as the angles formed by the nostril, eye or even the face contour. Raphaël has innovated and created a multi-functional brush that eliminates these difficulties.

The HD-Brush is a square section makeup brush. This perfect geometric design offers multiple functions: the angles allow precise application in areas of the face that are difficult to reach, where conventional brushes have the greatest difficulty in applying material evenly. The edges allow the face to be sculpted with great precision, and the large flat top facilitate the material blending.