Raphaël Make Up’s bees

As a green company, Raphaël is actively committed to environmental protection.

This was behind the company’s decision to install an apiary on its site. Beginning with 4 apiaries in 2016, before expanding to 8, there are now 12 in the gardens and on the roofs of the company’s buildings. Located in Saint-Brieuc, the company is giving a home to a species of bee endemic to Brittany called the Brittany Black Bee. Endangered as a result of pesticide use, these bees have found an unlikely refuge in the town, where the use of crop protection products is strictly regulated.

For Raphaël, installing these apiaries at the company’s production site is a way of boosting animal biodiversity by helping bees to return to the town, all the while boosting plant diversity (80% of flowering plants are pollinated by bees). Fully aware of its responsibilities towards future generations, this project also provides a way of introducing the children of employees to beekeeping. The whole company is getting involved!