Raphaël Green Earth Line: Ferrule less brushes combining innovation and eco-design

Green Earth

The world of cosmetics must today take part in the environmental challenges that surround it. Fully aware of these challenges, Raphaël, France’s leading manufacturer of brushes for over 200 years, is now offering its customers new, more environmentally friendly make up brushes.

Raphaël creates Green Earth make up brushes line with an elegant and pure design. A complete range of brushes for the complexion, eyes and lips, combining know-how, innovation and respect for the environment.

Resulting from several years of research, Raphaël’s ferrule less brushes are made from only two components
• a handle formed from a single piece of FSC beech wood (from sustainably managed forests),
• and a premium vegan fiber that adapts to any formula
(all assembled with a glue that is also vegan!)

The traditional metal ferrule disappears, giving the brush a unique design, both sleek and elegant. These brushes, always handmade according to a unique French know-how, are true art pieces.

Today, Raphaël is fully committed to the eco-design of its brushes and to sustainable development.


Green Earth