Ocean Brush – 2nd Award

Ocean Brush Raphael récompensé au Make-Up in New York 2022

Fully committed to a CSR approach, Raphaël is concerned about the environment. Located on the coast of Brittany, France, we are concerned by the challenges of marine biodiversity and decided to create the Ocean Brush. This innovation was awarded a second time, after the Make Up In Paris show, at the Make Up In New York 2022 show.

Every year, 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Plastics remain in the sea for up to 450 years and microplastics never completely disappear. So, we contribute to the de-pollution of our oceans by recycling PET bottles to give them a new life.

By 2100, plastic pollution of the seabed could be multiplied by 50 and is already considered irreversible. Today, reducing plastic and microplastic pollution is a global issue. Concerned about these alarming figures, we have developed the very first brush made of shells, bioplastic and plastic recovered from the oceans: the Ocean Brush.


By its originality, the Ocean Brush is one of the most innovative accessories on the market:

  •  Its handle, composed of 50% shellfish and 50% bioplastics, is made from both oyster waste from oyster farmers on the Atlantic coast and a plant that grows in arid environments and requires little water and nutrients, the castor bean. The handle of the Ocean Brush is 100% recyclable and 100% natural.
  • Its head is made of 65% recycled fiber and 35% raw fiber. A recycled fiber made from PET bottles that massively pollute our oceans.

Like all Raphaël brushes, the Ocean Brush is customizable by shape and color. Its recycled fibers can be adapted to all types of brushes; eyes, complexion, lips and even skincare.