MAX SAUER (Raphaël Cosmetics)
and the students from
the LISAA Design School in Rennes
put the make-up brush back on centre stage.

Students at the LISAA Design School in Rennes recently embarked on a three-month study course, focusing on the theme of make-up.  The results are in and they are inspiring, revolutionary and extremely innovative.

Fibreless brushes, brushes containing powders or lotions, brushes that interact with your smartphone… all these and more were designed by the bright minds of these third-year students.  At the end of the three month study project (featuring a day working with Sarah Lory, the Commercial Director for Max Sauer’s cosmetics division), a total of 28 innovative new projects were put before the judging panel at the end of the year.  Their creativity proved that applicator brushes can continue to grow and improve their form and function – we just need to give our budding young designers the opportunity.