Make up For Ever and Raphaël, the story of a crossed destiny

Interview Dany Sanz - Make Up For Ever

The history of Make up For Ever is intimately linked to that of Raphaël. From its creation in 1984 until today, the famous make-up brand has remained faithful to Raphaël for the manufacture of its exceptional brushes.

In 1984, Dany Sanz founded the Make Up For Ever brand with Jacques Waneph.

Influenced by her studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Dany Sanz quickly understood that, like an artist, a make-up artist must have the best brushes.
To meet this need, the two founders quickly turned to the Sauer family business, headed at the time by Gérard Sauer. The manufacturer was indeed one of the first on the market to offer professional quality make-up brushes.

A mutual trust was born between the brand and its manufacturer. In 1984, Raphaël began producing a complete line of professional brushes for Make up For Ever, combining traditional know-how, quality and innovation. As a true artist at heart, Dany Sanz wanted to observe the remarkable work of the brushmakers known as « pincelière » with her own eyes and visited the Raphaël workshops in France and Mauritius. She relates:

Interview Dany Sanz - Make Up For Ever

Today, Make Up For Ever still maintains a unique relationship with its long-time manufacturer. In addition to the many brush innovations made each year with its manufacturer, the brand offers a unique make-up brush signed Raphaël to each Make Up For Ever employee who retires.

Did you know that?
The brush on the famous Make Up For Ever logo is directly inspired by Raphaël brushes.


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