French Excellence at the Cannes Film Festival: Max Sauer’s Brushes in the Spotlight

At Max Sauer, we are thrilled to announce that our makeup brushes LÉONARD, meticulously crafted in our Bullier workshop in Saint-Brieuc (France), were used to enhance the beauty of American actress Emma Stone during her appearance at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

A Special Thanks to Rachel Goodwin.
This achievement was made possible not only by the hard work and passion of our talented team but also by the trust placed in our products by the renowned celebrity makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Rachel Goodwin for her confidence in our Breton-branded tools.

Celebrating Our Team
The success story began with the initiative of Mado, a young employee within our group, whose dedication helped spotlight our exceptional craftsmanship. The presence of our brushes at the Cannes Festival highlighted their unrivalled quality and precision.
This achievement not only reflects our relentless pursuit of perfection but also positions our brand as a beacon of quality in the world of makeup artistry.