Daily Care

It is very important to look after a brush and the following indications will help you maintain Raphaël make-up brushes in top condition for a long time.

Daily care

The greatest care is taken in the design and manufacturing of Raphaël make-up brushes. However, to keep them in top condition, we recommend cleaning the brushes on a regular basis.
After each use, it is important to remove the excess make-up by gently wiping off the brush with a soft & clean cloth. By cleaning the brush regularly, it helps maintain the fiber’s natural softness and elasticity.

Cleaning with tepid water

When the brush contains beads of excess make-up, it can be washed (only the tuft) with tepid water mixed with a mild soap or shampoo. It
can be dried by gently wiping off the brush with a soft & clean cloth, after having rinsed it off with clear water. It is important not to use any solvents, detergents and neither drying the brush with a hairdryer. Leaving the brush drying horizontally to ambient air will help it recover its natural shape.