CSR and eco-design: a major strategic axis at Raphaël


The world of cosmetics today must take part in the social and environmental challenges that surround it. Fully aware of these challenges, Raphaël, the leading French manufacturer of brushes for over 200 years, is committed to the eco-design of its brushes and to CSR in France and Mauritius.

Eco-design at the heart of Raphaël’s latest innovations
Environmental and animal protection is an ongoing commitment at Raphaël. Eco-design is at the heart of the manufacturer’s latest brush innovations.

Green Earth

Like the ferrule-less brushes made from vegan fibers and an FSC* wood handle, the company develops new innovative and high-performance synthetic fibers every day.

Concerned about the preservation of biodiversity in the French overseas territories, the company has also developed this year the Ocean Brush, the very first brush made from recycled shells and bioplastics. This important cosmetic innovation was awarded at the Make Up In Paris 2022 trade show, and selected for a second award at the Make Up In New York trade show.

A daily environmental commitment in France and Mauritius
In addition to the eco-design of its brushes, Raphaël has made a sustainable commitment to the planet within the company itself.
By controlling its discharges into the water, air and soil, by controlling waste treatment and by reducing its energy consumption, the company has managed to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. But that’s not all.

Ruches Max Sauer

Every day, Raphaël takes concrete action for the planet at its various production sites. In France, for example, the company has planted numerous beehives around its workshops to safeguard biodiversity.

Collecte déchets par les salariés d'Island Brush Company

In Mauritius, Raphaël employees organize weekly waste collection campaigns on the island’s beaches.
A strong social dimension within the company
All these environmental efforts would be nothing without the investment of everyone in the company. Aware of this, Raphaël is committed to a better working environment on a daily basis at its various production sites in France and Mauritius.

The company is particularly concerned with the health and safety of its employees by guaranteeing them a safe working environment. Raphaël controls the risks linked to chemical products and replaces risky raw materials with harmless alternatives.
The well-being of employees is also at the heart of Raphaël’s concerns. In France and Mauritius, relaxation areas and sports activities have been set up to create greater cohesion among employees. To facilitate internal communication between its various production sites, the company has also set up a phygital tool named Steeple. Accessible via touch screens installed on the different sites, the collaborative tool allows employees, even the least connected, to become real players in the company’s communication. This is a way of enhancing the value of the profession and of people, which is fully in line with the company’s CSR approach.


More than just a vision, CSR has become a major axis in Raphaël’s strategy for the years to come. The company, which has now been awarded the Engagé RSE label by AFNOR, wishes to leave a better environment for future generations.

FSC*: wood from sustainably managed forests